Common Questions and Answers

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Where can we buy timber slabs?

It's surprising how many companies and individuals mill timber. Generally they can be found on the outskirts of cities and most advertise online. Google is a good place to start.


What should we be looking for in timber slabs?

Make sure the timber slab is sound across it's width so no cracks. Otherwise other imperfections can be easily sanded out and filled with suitable fillers. Laminated slabs are also a good option.​


What thickness of timber slab should we get?

Get roughly 50mm (2 inches) thick slabs. That will give you a table about 750mm high which is about right for dining tables.​


What type of timber?


In New Zealand the best and most readily available is Macrocarpa.​ But any hardwood is good.


What is MDF?

Its a panel product made from wood chips. It's ideal for table tops but needs a coating to look good. Get MDF sheet 25mm thick and to make a table 2m x 1m buy a sheet 2.4m x 1.2m. Use the offcuts to glue around the perimeter of the sheet (on the bottom side) and these then form an edge 50m thick.


What coating is used on MDF?

There are various ways to coat the MDF table top after it has been sanded very smooth. You can do it yourself or there are companies that do that sort of thing. Google Coatings. You can have virtually any colour, it makes it very easy to stamp your mark on your own table and have it match your kitchen.

This MDF table was made to suit the size of the rkitchen and the colour chosen to matchthe SMEG fridge.


Can they be used outside?


Yes they can. The Aluminium will lose its highly polished finish but you don't want this there are companies that do powder coating. They will either clear coat the legs or they can make them any colour.

Note the Ivory coloured table legs attached to the matching table top.