This is a lighter table leg made from highly polished cast aluminium with an adjustable foot and large top plate to ensure it will not wobble. Price is for one leg.

This table leg is a variation on but is finer and lighter. The back flange is a reduced profile and much of the bulk in the curved face has been removed to give an airy and more delicate appearance.
Like it is highly polished cast Aluminium table with a 25mm diameter nylon foot that screws into the base of the leg. This allows for up to 25mm of height adjustment to accommodate uneven floor surfaces or warped timber slab table tops.
Leg Height is 705mm (27.76”).
Span is 265mm (10.43") from the inside of the top plate to outside of the base – see the side view in More Details.
The leg has a very large top plate measuring 180mm (7”) by 100mm (4”) with 17 screw holes to ensure that these legs DO NOT WOBBLE.
They are strong and we do not hesitate in using them for a standard sized dining table. When using these legs no table sub frame is required, they screw directly to the underside of your choice of table top. This gives lots of knee room and makes it extremely easy to make your own table.

They can be used outdoors but will oxidise to a matt finish unless powder or lacquer coated.

Set of four Delicate cast Aluminium Table Leg

  • Each leg measures 705mm (27.75 inches) from the floor to the underside of table top. (Standard table height is 750mm - 29.5 inches)
    Large top plate with 17 screw holes.
    An adjustable nylon foot allows you to set the table up on uneven surfaces.
    Screws directly to the underside of the table top.
    Note that cast aluminium will oxidise to a dull grey if used outdoors. This can be prevented with a clear powder coating, or powder coating can be used to colour the legs.