These corner legs are the last two in stock. They would suit a table with the back edge fixed to a wall.

Made from solid cast Aluminium polished to a high level of finish, this leg is designed to be fitted to the right angle corners of square cut table tops.
The two “wings” fit the table edge at each corner and create a distinctive style.
Each wing protrudes 40mm above what would be the underside of the table top, therefore the table slab would need to be in excess of 40mm thick to avoid the wings from protruding above the top surface.
The top plate of the leg measures approx 90 (3.5”) x 100mm (4”) with 5 screw holes.
At the base of each leg are nylon pads to provide scratch resistance to hard floors.
The height of the leg (to the underside of the table top) is 705mm (27.76")

Corner style Table Leg

$50.00 Regular Price
$25.00Sale Price
  • The last of a popular style. Standard leg height with two "wings" the fit the corner. Will only suit a table top with a 90 degree corner and square edge.
    Note that cast aluminium will oxidise to a dull grey if used outdoors. This can be prevented with a clear powder coating, or powder coating can be used to colour the legs.